Apple iPad Pre-Orders For The Launch Day Have Already Sold Out

The huge demand for Apple’s new iPad was pretty much expected and you shouldn’t be surprised if you have a hard time laying your hands on the said tablet. In fact, if you haven’t pre-ordered already, you are almost  certain to have a tough time getting to it. Because as it turns out, the pre-orders for the launch day delivery, which is scheduled to be on March 16th, have already sold out at Apple’s US Online Store.

We don’t know how many pre-orders have been received or that what was the in-store availability. Also, Apple hasn’t revealed if there were any customer limits on the number of pre-orders that could be bought by a single person.

What does this mean to a prospective new iPad buyer? Well, it pretty much means that now you will have to go down to an Apple Store as soon as possible and get yourself into that long list of people eagerly waiting to lay their hands on the device. From what Samsung has been showing us, a guy with a smart-looking device in his hands may come to you to divert you away from the new iPad but maybe that only happens in the ads. Nonetheless, we sure would like to wish you luck for the purchase, shall you actually venture to go down to an Apple Store to make the purchase, online orders having sold out already.

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