Notion Ink Adam Now FCC Approved

Notion Ink chief Rohan Shravan told early fans that the Adam tablet has finally landed the FCC approval and shipping from January 19……

In Notion Ink WordPress blog Notion Ink’s CEO Rohan Shravan talked a bit about shipping and FCC approval for the Adam tablet. He states that the company has been already informed by the FCC that the Adam passed and they (Notion Ink) will begin slapping stickers onto devices and shipping them to the pre-order customers around Wednesday.hravan addressed in his post that the FCC website won’t be updated with info for the Adam until most likely Monday. He also said if you want to search for it you will need to search for either Product Code NI3421A01, Guarantee Code Y2G or FNR code 0020356499.If you didn’t get a chance to pre-order the Adam on the first go-round Shravan say’s a second round of pre-orders will be opened up after these initial orders are all shipped out to their respective customers.


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