Apple Releasing a 7-inch iPad in 2012 [Rumours]

Apple rumours really never cease to surface. While we cited some time back that Apple may be gearing up for a 7.85-inch tablet, now the supply chain sources of Apple claim that Amazon’s Kindle Fire has forced Apple to plan for a 7-inch iPad. How true is that, no one can really tell. But it may be possible that the immense success of Kindle Fire may have had some affect on Apple’s plans.

According to the report, which came originally from Digitimes, the sources say that Apple has decided to go with a 7-inch tablet after deliberating on the success of Kindle Fire. Also, Apple consider the small-size tablet as a potential, budding market as more and more handset vendors jump the bandwagon.

Apple had initially discussed the prospects of developing such a tablet. But Steve Jobs decided that it would be too small to be conveniently used. And as a matter of fact, some Kindle Fire users are having problems with the size of the tablet. Analysts had earlier speculated that Apple may be digging in for a smaller device, to cater to the increasingly large market of 7-something inches tablets. But the size hasn’t been clear so far. Although this latest round of rumours claims Apple may close in with a 7-inch iPad finally, we can’t be more unsure. So far, Apple hasn’t given any official statement over any plans for an alternate design and seems to stick with the standard size of iPads.

The rumours are also doubtful because Amazon itself is rumoured to be planning for a larger tablet, apparently trying to clam down the disgruntled users over Kindle Fire’s small size. If indeed Amazon moves away from the 7-inch tablet size, that may well mark the end of the 7-inch tablets’ markets. And an end to the rumours about Apple developing such a device, too.

Image courtesy Yutaka Tsutano.

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