Unconfirmed Images Of Upcoming Nexus 10 Slate Leak To The Web

Google recently came out with Nexus 5, a new handset it created in collaboration with LG. Now, rumors have it that the search giant is readying a next-generation Nexus 10 model, purported images of which have leaked on to the web. These images claim that the upcoming Nexus 10 will cost $480.

Nexus 10 leaked image

The whole thing started from an image posted on Reddit. The person who posted the image claimed that he is an employee at Telefonica and that he has access to images of the upcoming tablet. It’s hard to tell how real the posted image is, given that it doesn’t give away any significant details about the tablet.

Since this image surfaced, Telefonica has reached out to Pocket-lint and confirmed that the alleged image leaked by the Reddit poster does not have any link with the company. According to Telefonica, “This is not a Telefonica image and we are not aware of a new Nexus 10.”

Nexus 10 leaked image

Another image was posted on Reddit, citing a Nexus 10 tablet together with an LG watermark. The image goes on to reveal the model of the tablet as LG-V510 and contains the following words: ‘Internal use only.’ Together with the image, the poster claimed that the tablet will go on sale on November 22 and will pack LTE connectivity option. It was also revealed that the slate would be available in both white and black.

Curiously enough, this second image has been removed from Reddit since. Even if it turns out to be true, neither of these images provide any substantial information about the Nexus 10.

Courtesy: Pocket-lint

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