Apple Seeks Ban On Galaxy Tab 10.1N In Germany

Apple seems to have a high ground over Samsung in German. In an earlier case filed by Apple against Samsung, accusing the latter of copying iPad 2’s design, Apple was able to grab a win. The court ruled in favor of Apple and place a permanent ban on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. However, Apple doesn’t seem satisfied. Yet.

Galaxy forced to redesign:
After Apple was successfully able to slap a ban on Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales, Samsung was forced to redesign the product so as to make it look ‘less alike’ Apple’s iPad. The new design included metal finishing on the border and the model was given the name Galaxy Tab 10.1 N. However, Apple didn’t buy the deal and it has now filed yet another case with the court stating that the design still looks very familiar to iPad and so should be banned. The court is set to have the first hearing over this case on Dec 22, 2011.

Right now, the case is having no effects on the sales of Galaxy Tab 10.1N which means that Samsung may be able to steer through the holiday season with it’s device and make a handsome sale before a verdict is out.

Germany is not the only country where Samsung seems to be in the midst of patent violation-related troubles. A court earlier ruled against Samsung in Australia too, banning it’s tablet in the country. However, another ruling by an appeals court later overturned the ban. It remains to be seen how Samsung will ward off Apple’s attacks in Germany and whether or not it will be forced to yet again redesign it’s tablet.

Image courtesy mac morrison.
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