Apple Starts Looking Into The Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue Of The New iPad

Users have been registering a number of complaints regarding the new iPad. Whereas the satisfaction level of users of new iPad is very high, a small number has been complaining that their new iPad’s wi-fi won’t connect properly or would connect only intermittently. Now, it has been learned that Apple has asked retailers to capture it if any device with such a problem comes to them, so that Apple could check it in detail.

This latest update about Apple’s investigation into the wi-fi issue of the new iPad has been learned from a leaked internal AppleCare document. In the document, Apple has explicitly instructed its retailers and contact centers to keep any new iPad brought to them with complains of Wi-Fi connectivity problem. Of course, the user get to have his tablet replaced while Apple, on the other hand, will be able to do a detailed examination of the Wi-Fi connectivity issue.

Interestingly, Apple has asked the retailers to replace a new iPad with wi-fi issues even it has signs of physical abuse. Moreover, this ‘special treatment’ is limited only to the Wi-Fi only version of the new iPad. Apparently, Apple is quite sure that the Wi-Fi+LTE version of the tablet can’t have any problems whatsoever.

‘Capturing’ devices when they are brought by users to an Apple retailer is a routine with the company. By replacing these tablets, Apple is able to check the details of the problem in the problematic tablet and ship out an update based on that.

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