Apple’s iPad 4 Is Hard To Repair: iFixit

Users of Apple’s fourth-generation iPad, also known as iPad 4, would face a tough challenge if they intend to repair it as its innards are made in a complicated way. The revelation came from free repair manual creator site iFixit.

iPad 4

After having iPad 4 in hand, the iFixit team examined the innards of iPad 4 and found that the new tablet from Apple is hard to fix. The iFixit team found,  iPad 4 is knitted with high adhesive glue. So in order to break the knitting, iFixit team used a little bit heat to soften the glue and then opened the device with the help of guitar picks without damaging it.

After opening the device iFixit team found, the battery is securely placed to the rear case, making it tough for the users to replace the battery by themselves.The use of a smaller Lightning connector freed up some space inside the device. This blank space makes it a bit hard to reach the Lightning cable in order to fix it, if any problem occurs to that point.

Innards Of iPad 4

On the contrary, the LCD panel of iPad 4 has been made in such a complicated way that the LCD itself has a foam tape through which it is attached it to the front panel. Users or repairers won’t be able to access the front panel’s connector of the iPad 4 till he/she takes out the LCD. And if the unit is been dissembled, it will break.

Innards Of iPad 3 And iPad 4

Based on the innards of iPad 4, the device is really hard to fix and iFixit has given the iPad 4 a repairability score of 2 out of 10 (where 10 means – easiest to repair). That means, if any user wants to repair iPad 4 on his own, then he/she must keep it in mind that the device may become completely irreparable in the process. Otherwise he/she may damaged his/her beloved device.

Source : iFixit
Thanks To : CNET

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