HP Working On Windows 8 Tablets Which Use Intel, ARM Chips

We have been hearing that Windows 8 tablets may hit the markets this year. Now a source has revealed that HP is working on such tablets which use Windows 8. HP intends to launch three models with the Windows 8, two of them tooling Intel’s Atom processor and one using a Qualcomm ARM processor. These tablets are expected to hit the markets by the fourth quarter of 2012.

HP has been invested deeply into developing Windows products, focusing specifically on Windows 8. During the company’s earnings conference call recently, HP’s CEO Meg Whitman stated, “We have a product line lined up in PSG (Personal Systems Group) on Windows on X86. We believe we’re going to be well-positioned for holiday on Windows 8 X86,” she said, referring to Intel’s X86 chip design.”

Soon after, Whitman also expressed it officially that HP will be working on Windows 8 tablets using Intel and ARM processors. So this current scoop from the source fits in well with HP’s officially stated ambitions.

The source has further revealed that one Intel-based Windows 8 tablet by HP would be more of a mix of laptop and tablet, called a consumer hybrid device. The other Intel tablet would be corporate-oriented, for the high-end users. Both of these will be using Intel’s 32-nanometer ┬ádual-core Atom chips, something Intel can be rightly proud of. The third tablet will be ARM-based, most probably using a Snapdragon processor.

Another analyst had said that a HP Windows 8 tablet, with a display of 1366 x 768 pixels is being worked on and will be displayed to the public by July. Whitman herself didn’t exactly give a date for the release of the Windows 8 Intel tablets but did say that the ARM-based tablet will be delayed than Intel tablets.

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