Apple’s iPad Devices Pull Off Shelf In China

Apple has been entangled in a dispute with Shenzhen Proview Technology over the use of term ‘iPad.’ Proview had earlier claimed that it had rights over the term and that Apple was illegally using it. Apple then countered this by stating that it had purchased the rights to use this term by purchasing it from another company which, in turn, had bought it from Proview. Now, apparently, the authorities have determined that the rights of the purchase Apple made doesn’t extend to China and Proview indeed has a valid claim. Chinese authorities have started seizing iPad devices from the market.

In case the decision is finally and irrevocably turned against Apple, Apple will be forced to pay up $38 million as fine for infringing on copyrights. Proview has already sued Apple for a whooping sum of $1.6 billion. Although there is nearly no chance that Apple will have to cough up such a huge amount, Apple may still be in for a few dozen billion dollars in case it isn’t able to hold up to the case.

This latest development is definitely a huge setback for Apple’s iPad sales in China. Whereas Apple is aspiring to emerge as a huge smartphone vendor in China, it may have to start anew on the tablet front. Right now, Chinese authorities have started taking off Apple’s tablets from retailers’ shelves.

Image courtesy Yagan.

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