Are You Ready To Buy Microsoft’s $8400 Table PC?

Microsoft launches the second-generation model of Table computer, named SUR40. You can order it now, if you can spare a few thousands bucks. This new model comes with a Samsung flat-screen panel and costs $8400.

Better display, better touch sensing:
Unlike the last model of Table computer which used a combination of projectors, this model is more sleek and smart. It comes with Samsung’s flat-screen panel. The smart display allows you to either use the computer horizontally or set it against the wall and work on vertically. It uses 2 millions sensors so that the touch-sensing capabilities of this model are superior to the first-generation model. A smarter display than the last model is one of the main reasons why the price of SUR40 is less than the first-generation Table PC by Microsoft.

PixelSense, a touch technology, powers the touch-sensing of this machine. It makes uses of the two million sensors in the flat-panel and gives a more accurate estimate when you touch the display.

For the big-wigs:
Needless to say, Microsoft has released this computer expecting corporations and businesses as potential clients. Hence a price tag that is well beyond the reach of an average consumer. For now, the ones who have made it to the buyer-list are Royal Bank of Canada, Red Bull, Sheraton Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Fujifilm and Dassault Aviation.

You can place your order for the ultimate touch experience through Samsung’s Electronics website.

Microsoft has also invited such software developers who are interested in creating solutions for touch technology. The developers can access the kit required for the development of solutions through Microsoft’s Surface Developer Center.

Image Courtesy Hnygard.

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