ASUS Plans To Launch Several Tablet PCs

Asustek Computer plans to launch several tablet PCs to challenge Apple’s popular iPad.Featuring 7-, 10- or 12-inch panels the tablet PCs will launch in December 2010.

According to Digitimes,Asustek is aiming to mass produce the 12-inch model featuring the Wintel platform in December and will start selling the device in the channel in January 2011. With assistance from Microsoft, the company has made several enhancements in related technologies including touch control and user interface.

Asustek will also launch two 7-inch models and two 9-inch models in March 2011.One of the 7-inch models will feature support for Wi-Fi while the other will feature 3G, along with basic phone functions.

At least one of the 9-inch tablets will be fitted with Nvidia’s Tegra 2 processor and paired with Google’s Android operating system.While the other 9-inch tablet is likely to run Windows and feature an Intel chip. 
The two 9-inch models will have a price gap of about US$100.

Asustek recently shipped about 5,000 9-inch TZ-900 e-book readers, designed specifically for religious charity group TzuChi and will start selling the 9-inch Eee Reader DR-900 in the channel along with its 8-inch Eee Note, featuring quick handwriting capability and camera, in late November.


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