ASUS and Axon Logic’s new tablets with Linux

Linux Getting Tablet Love From ASUS and Axon Logic Hopefully More To Come….

Tablet’s are becoming more and more popular by the day and companies are taking notice and are readying products that fit everyone’s desires. Even with this sharp increase in interest for tablet’s there haven’t been many Linux tablet devices being discussed by anyone. The top OS of choice for tablet makers other than the usual Windows has been Android due mainly to it’s minimal requirements and all-round touch-friendliness.

In all this commotion in the tablet community Linux has take a backseat. Until today when ASUS and Axon Logic released information on their respective tablet’s that showed Linux as an option for consumers. ASUS showed they will be releasing the ASUS Eee Tablet(pictured above) in October for $300 in a Linux model. Axon Logic a relatively unknown also released their plans for a tablet that will not only be able to run Windows and OSX but it will also run Linux, their tablet the Axon Haptic and it’s set to cost about $800.

Now these tablet’s might not be for everyone but hopefully these companies can spur on more manufacturer’s to produce more high quality Linux based tablet’s. Having more choice out in the tablet market is a good thing after all.


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