Best Buy Gives Best Deals For iPad 2 On Black Friday

We had predicted earlier this week that you may find the best deals for Apple products this holiday season. Turns out, this is coming out to be pretty true. In the best discounts offered so far, Best Buy is offering iPad 2 at $50 less than it’s original price and free shipping!!

The lowest rates for iPad 2:
The Best Buy is offering the most lucrative offers of the season for iPad 2. Discounts have been offered on all models of iPad 2 together with absolutely free shipping. These devices, which include the 6 models which support wi-fi as well as the AT & T 3G models and the Verizon 3G models, are now sold at a $50 off discounted rate.

This means that you can now lay your hands on a 16 GB Wi-fi iPad 2 for $454.99 while the 64 GB 3G model will cost you $784.99. These prices are exclusive of the taxes.

Apple is also offering special discounts on Black Friday but in comparison, the Best Buy deals may be even better than Apple’s own offerings. This is because Apple is offering a discount of $41 on some models and more on others, the maximum discount being offered as a $61 off on some models. So it may be cheaper to buy some models of iPad 2 at Best Buy than to buy them directly from Apple.

However, you have to be quick to avail the lucrative discounts because the stocks will run out rather fast. Hours ago, two models were already out-of-stock and the sales predicted that many other models will also run out of stock soon on Best Buy.

Image courtesy Pedro Eugenio.
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