Best Buy, Target And Staples Will Match Walmart’s Discounted iPad Air Price

Apple‘s online store and retail locations will be selling the new iPad Air at a price starting from $499. Walmart recently announced that it would offer the slate at $479. This has now been followed by the likes of Best Buy, Target and Staples, announcing that they would match Walmart’s discounted iPad Air prices.

iPad Air

Walmart’s decision to sell the new slate for $20 cheaper than Apple’s official price is certainly a move to bump up the sales and encourage most customers to buy it. But the good thing for the consumers is that it has triggered somewhat of a competition in the retail industry.

Which is precisely why, many other major retail giants such as Best Buy and Target have decided to bring down their iPad Air price tags and match them with Walmart’s. But there’s a tricky part to the offers by Best Buy, Target and Staples. The websites of these retail entities list the iPad Air price as $499 and if you wish for any of them to match the price with Walmart’s and get the tablet for $479, you will have to walk into one of their retail locations.

Interestingly, different reports suggest that even Apple may decide to slash down the original $499 price by $20 to match the industry trend. If that happens, it would certainly persuade most users to purchase iPad Air directly from Apple. Even if that doesn’t happen, you can as easily spot the outlet of one of the retail companies cited above and make your purchase at a decent discount.

Source: 9to5mac

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