Blackberry Playbook Available For $199 On Best Buy

Finally, RIM has realized that a price-tag of $499 for it’s tablet, Blackberry Playbook is bit too much. With such competent market players like Amazon, providing better tablets at lot better prices, it was only a matter of time before RIM realized that it had to cut the price to attract customers. And naturally, as soon as the prices went down on Best Buy, the stocks went flying out!

The price at which Rim’s Blackberry Playbook was being sold at was $499. RIM seems to have taken a lesson from the poor customer response to it’s tablet, evident form the sales statistics. Apparently, it has decided to follow the same strategy as HP.

HP, who originally introduced TouchPad at a price of $499, eventually decided to sell it at a stunningly low price of $99. The result was quite obvious – the sales soared overnight and the stocks were depleted in literally no time. All this, because the original price-tag would never have sold more than a few thousands units.

Sales soar as price lowers:
Just like in the case of HP’s Touchpad, the discount on Blackberry Playbook has immediately soared the sales. Available with Best Buy for a mere $199, down from it’s original price of $499, the stocks are already empty at a number of stores. Other Best Buy stores are hopeful that the entire stock will be gone in no time since the new price-tag really enticed many.

Analysts have speculated that it would be really hard for anyone, apart from Apple, to sell a tablet above $400. And Apple, too, is able to do that because it’s products have got style and it has the advantage of having the largest app store.

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