Blackbox Case For iPad 2

Carved from solid bamboo, rubbed down with oils, lined with soft felt and provided with a supple leather strap, Blackbox’s Bamboo Case for iPad 2 feels sturdy in real life use and the aesthetic carries connotations from the luxurious to the eco-friendly, but ultimately what really comes across to others is a sense that the carrier is somehow calm, sinuous and graceful. BlackBox’s Bamboo Case for iPad 2 is for the $99 price……..


Enter the Blackbox iPad 2 case, handcrafted in Colorado of fast-growing (meaning rapidly renewable) bamboo and featuring a level of precision construction not often found in modern day goods, this case is truly a match for the iPad. It is every bit as visually stunning as the device it is designed to protect, but it really delivers a knockout combo of excellent protection with those extra features to guarantee buyer’s remorse will never be an issue. From the moment you receive your Blackbox, you will notice something; it smells…different. Rather than a harsh petrochemical smell that accompanies some gadget accessories, there is a pleasant smell of wood and burlap, the Blackbox case arrives in a burlap sack with handtied twine and a hand-numbered welcome letter. The case number is also on the laser-cut leather strap that holds the iPad firmly in the case. In the iPad 2 age of hidden magnets and smoothly glossy technology, the leather strap and its accompanying snap feel pleasantly tactile, and the substantial click they make provides assurance that the iPad is firmly and securely seated, ready to weather any jostling, purse stabbing, or even an occasional drop.


The genesis of the Blackbox case comes from the founder’s mishap of a crushed MacBook in luggage; all Blackbox products are designed to avoid just such mishaps, and the iPad 2 case is no exception.  Inside the case is a luxurious felt lining, surrounded by solidly crafted bamboo in a choice of either natural (lighter) or carbonized (darker) bamboo finishes. The case protects three of the four sides, as well as the front and back of the iPad. A fourth side is nominally exposed, meaning it could be scratched, but since the iPad sits flush with the case when inside, it is still protected from crushing or squeezing. Informal squeeze and bend tests performed by relatively fit participants proved unable to cause the Blackbox to bend. Squeezing two opposing points on the screen and back covers similarly failed to deflect the case more than a couple millimeters. Given the iPad 2 screen’s incredible flexibility and the strength of the aluminum back, it would take a pretty catastrophic force to damage a Blackbox-protected iPad. In addition to the iPad 2 case, Blackbox has an ever-growing line of MacBook and MacBook Pro cases that carry the same benefits.




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