Burj Al Arab Hotel In Dubai Offers Guests 24-carat Gold iPad Upon Check-in!

321 meter (1,053 feet) tall Burj Al Arab is the “world’s only 7-Star hotel” situated in Dubai. In fact, it’s one of the most luxurious hotels on the planet. The hotel offers private butler service; four pools; a private beach; airport transfer service by Rolls Royce, BMW and helicopter; and free access to a water park. Recently, the hotel has announced that it will provide guests a 24-carat gold plated iPad upon check-in! Guests will be able to use the gold iPad until check-out!

24-carat Gold iPad

The 24-carat gold iPads are engraved with the hotel’s name and logo, along with a black Apple logo on the back. The gold iPads will be given to guests to be used as a “virtual concierge,” in which information like the hotel’s restaurants, food menus, spa treatments, housekeeping services, butler service info and other amenities will be pre-loaded.

The gold iPads have been produced by Gold & Co. of London, which made a 24-karat rose-gold iPad for the hotel last October in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Burj Al Arab

Amjad Ali, CEO of Gold & Co. London, said, “The Gold & Co. London 24-carat gold iPad is the ultimate in luxury accessories, hence we wanted it to be paired with Burj Al Arab, the world’s most luxurious hotel. The symmetry is obvious, as both the gold iPad and the hotel are unique in terms of extraordinary quality and design.”

For your kind information, the hotel already has an iMac in each of its 202 rooms, in addition to other luxury amenities, like walk-in showers and Jacuzzis, large plasma TVs, and private butler service. It will cost $1,500 to $19,000 per night to stay at the hotel. If guests want to take the 24-carat gold iPad home, they’ll be able to buy it for $10,200 at the hotel’s boutique. Guests will also find gold iPad mini, gold iPhone 5, and gold BlackBerry Q10 at the hotel’s boutique.

Source: CNET
Thanks To: Business Insider

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