CES 2012: Dell Will Re-Enter Tablet Market By The End Of 2012

As we see it, the tablet market seem largely dominated by Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Samsung did have some success with it’s Galaxy Tab but it still isn’t a major  contender. And Google, too, has been ramping up plans to launch a Google tablet. In all this, the traditional tech giants, such as Dell, seem out of luck and out of business. At CES 2012, Dell’s Chief Financial Office, in an interview, said that Dell has all plans of re-entering the tablet market by the end of 2012.

According to CFO, Steve Felice, Dell had carefully analyzed the tablet market. He said that today, the tablet are not being sold for the hardware they offer,  but the environment they offer. And he’s pretty accurate about that given the fact that Kindle Fire, with not so high-specs, did sell very well because of Amazon’s ecosystem.

Steve said that many other companies rushed into the tablet market and ended up as failures. And for this reason, Dell has been careful and lucky enough not to have launched a failed venture yet. He said that by the late 2012, we will see that Dell will enter the tablet market in ‘a bigger way.’ How exactly will that be or what is Dell planning up to, he did not mention. We can assume that Dell is trying to style its own ecosystem well enough before it debuts the tablet market.

Steve also didn’t mention what OS will be used in Dell’s tablet. He did say though that although Dell likes Windows 8, but it wants to continue the production of Android tablets.

Image courtesy Robert Silverwood.

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