CES 2012: Turn Your iPad Into Phone With Line2 HD

How often have you wanted to make or receive a call through your iPad? Given that iPad is an awesome tablet and you can text and email through it, but sometimes a call is worth a hundred texts. So now, with Line2 HD app, you can convert your iPad into a phone! You can make calls, receive calls, receive text messages and even make voice calls! This single turns your iPad into an iPad+Phone.

With more and more people doing a number of business-related functions on their iPad, Line2 HD can be revolutionary. Just imagine that your prepared a presentation on your iPad, mailed it to your colleague, and are now making him a call from your iPad, to discuss the presentation. All kinds of communications packed into a single tablet! Line2 HD can be utilized both through Wi-fi and 3G and it keeps you connected on your personal phone line through it’s Line2 service.

Line2 HD app offers a number of features apart from calling such as the ability to send voice mails, caller ID, text messages etc. The cost of enabling this service is $9.95 per month. Although this may sound a little much, just think of it as an alternative to your actual phone bill. You pay much more than $9.95 in your phone bill each month, so this may turn out to be a more economic solution.

The user interface of Line2 HD is very sleek and stylish, and very easy to use so that you can manage your calls, texts and voice mails without any qualms.
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