Comex Confirms Jailbreak 3.0 Release Date For iPad 2

A screenshot of an email conversation between Comex and Will Sayer after the iPad 2 jailbreak leak reveals that the official jailbreak may be released within the next day and Ryan Vanniekerk managed to find the files after Comex had moved them to a different location on his server, has shamelessly leaked Comex’s unfinished jailbreak of the iPad 2. The Jailbreak Me 3.0 has reached beta stage and a video uploaded on Youtube demonstrating iPad 2 jailbreak on iOS 4.3 using Jailbreak Me 3.0……….


The leak of the iPad 2 JailBreak by a beta tester MultiMediaWill and then the sudden appearance of for sale has put up many questions infront of us. If the current screenshot from the frequent mail replies between Comex & MultiMediaWill is to be believed then Comex has not closed the JailBreakMe project yet, is all set to release the iPad 2 JailBreak tomorrow with all the bug fixes that were there in the beta version.  Through the screenshot, one can conclude that MultiMediaWill, the leaker of the beta version of the PDF files is apologizing to Comex for the mistake. However, the intentions of the beta tester were something else which eventually turned out to be exactly opposite to what he had planned. As Apple would have known about the vulnerability, they will release the iOS 4.3.4 in few days.


There is also a great news that a working version of Comex’s much anticipated Jailbreakme 3.0 hack was leaked to the web for allowing users who visited a special site on MobileSafari to jailbreak their iPad 2s running iOS 4.3.3. The leak’s since been taken down, but it was confirmed to work by multiple users to be a working jailbreak, and Cydia is now working on multiple iPad 2s through the userland exploit. At any cost don’t attempt to jailbreak iPad 2 with this beta Jailbreak Me 3.0, because it may permanently damage your device. Unfortunately, the exploit has now been removed from circulation, but this confirms one thing: Comex’s iPad 2 Jailbreak works and it’s just this close to release.



  • Step 1: Launch Mobile Safari and navigate over to this URL.
  • Step 2: Once you’ve done that, Safari should automatically close, that’s completely normal. You should now see a Cydia icon on your Home Screen, with a progress bar, much like any other official app while it’s downloading.
  • Step 3: Once the Cydia icon disappears, reboot your device. Once it powers back up, which could take a little bit longer than usual, your iPad 2 should be jailbroken.


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