Kindle Fire Sales Going Down?

We have been covering the sales trend of Amazon’s tablet, before holidays and over the holidays. There had indeed been a huge surge in the sales of Kindle Fire which put it on top both at and Best Buy. But the question is, will this surge be sustained by the tablet or will it clear away like a momentary infatuation?

The sales of the Kindle Fire have been so rapid and on the rise that a number of analysts were forced to reconsider their earlier estimates. In fact, fresh estimates now say that Kindle Fire will most probably be the second most-sold tablet globally by the end of 2012.

However, some reports now claim the contrary. In fact, they claim that the trend may be exactly the reverse of what the popular analysts are predicting.

Kindle Fire sales on a nosedive?
Chitika, an ads network, has recorded the impressions on it’s network from different devices. Chitika recorded some 1 billion impressions and based on them, predicted the sales of Kindle Fire. While this is only one way of measuring Kindle Fire sales and not a very perfect one, it is very relevant. According to Chitika, the Kindle Fire sales were literally on fire during the holiday season but the heats seems to be cooling down fast.

According to the statistics derived from these ad impressions, Chitika says that there has been a drop of 85 percent in the online activity of Kindle Fire tablets. The company says that this is perhaps the outcome of the fact that while the $199 price tag was indeed very lucrative for people, the experience of the tablet itself failed to put it at par with other tablets with a superior hardware.

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  1. 3d photo editor

    So the sales of Amazon Kindle Fire went down and gradually it will be disappeared from the tab market. Definitely Wi-Fi problems and lake of interesting features could has play negative role for decreased the Kindle Fire sales rate.

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