Comex To Release Jailbreakme 3.0 For iPad 2

JailbreakMe was one of the most simplest jailbreaks in iPhone’s history and Comex released the version 2.0 of JailbreakMe last year and became the first hack for iPhone 4. Comex updated homepage with a teaser image hinting journey beyond the PDF exploit that was used last year and meaning that you have to browse to from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to jailbreak it……………


Comex has updated web-based untethered jailbreak portal which now points to an image hinting at a possible PDF exploit and it is still unclear whether it is an iOS 5 jailbreak or an iPad 2 jailbreak or both. The new Apple A5 processor-based architecture in the iPad 2 is proving to be a difficult puzzle to solve. The Limera1n exploit, which worked on A4-based iOS devices like iPod touch 4G and iPhone 4. The iPhone dev Comex’s JailbreakMe tool, which worked on an userland exploit, was used to jailbreak iOS 4.0/4.0.1. Jailbreaking with it simply involved sliding the “slide to jailbreak” bar and Comex’s tool did the rest. This was in contrast to other traditional tools which involve plenty of steps. The exploit was later patched in iOS 4.0.2 and iPhone dev Comex updated the website for JailbreakMe. The updated page is according to Comex himself, which is simply a tease. The webpage features this image:

The photo shows a signboard which plainly says PDF. Now this is obviously pointing towards a potential PDF-based exploit. The question is: which iOS device(s) and iOS version could this be for? It would be a good bet to say this isn’t for jailbreaking iOS 4.3.3 since that is already covered and these kind of teases are meant to arouse hope, desire or curiosity without satisfying the intended targets. Comex’s tweets give no hints other than pointing at the tease itself and we don’t know that whether this is for iOS 4.3.3 or iOS 5, but any news for an iPad 2 jailbreak would be good news by now. This method can be executed on any device with both old and new iBoot and JailbreakMe works in a whole new way; you don’t need any PC / Mac or cable but just a simple internet connection and Mobile Safari. This method was so quick and easy that some of them thought of giving a shot inside Apple stores and they actually did it by jailbreaking idevices within stores.



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