Conan Makes Fun Of Kindle Fire [Video]

Conan O’ Brien, a well-known TV host who has a flair for humor has recently lambasted Kindle Fire for it’s many draw-backs. Criticizing the common problems with Kindle Fire such as lack of privacy settings and a power button placed at the wrong place, Conan goes on to suggest solutions. And some of them equally hilarious ones.

In the video, Conan first attempts to present a solution to the wrong position of Kindle Fire’s power button – he simply places a duct tape on it. Next, he attempts to highlight the security problem with Kindle Fire and sarcastically claims that Amazon is still ‘looking into it.’ He also speaks about the problem with the tablet that it heats up and comes up with a comical solution to the problem.

Eventually, towards the end of his video, Conan says that if all else fails, please tap the button at the bottom of the screen. And on his screen, the button reads ‘Buy an iPad.’ Clearly, Amazon needs to improve it’s PR as well as the functionality of Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire is attracting a lot of criticism of late. From wi-fi problems to poor usability experience, the reviewers and analysts are lambasting it left, right and middle. Although Amazon has shipped out an update and is due to ship out another update soon, that can’t solve some of the hardware problems such as a misplaced power switch.

Video courtesy teamcoco.

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