Court Rejects Proview’s Injunction Against Apple In Shanghai, iPad Sales Continue

The fate of iPad sales in China has been pretty much on the line as Apple and Proview engage in a legal battle over the rights to iPad trademark. Proview is of the opinion that it holds the rights to the trademark in China and is seeking $2 billion from Apple for violating these rights. Apple, on the other hand, has stated that it purchased these rights years ago and that Proview’s allegations are false. Now, the People’s Court in Shanghai has rejected Proview’s preliminary injunctions to bad iPad sales. This means that for now, Apple can continue with iPad sales in China unabated.

Although this comes as a relief for Apple, it’s only one less thorn in it’s path to full redemption. Proview has filed a number of cases against Apple and a definite ruling in any of these case can turn the tables against the leading tablet maker.

Now, both companies are waiting for the verdict on another case filed in the Guangdong high court. Nothing can be argued with certainty about Apple’s chances of deliverance at this hearing since Chinese courts have earlier passed a few remarks casting doubts on Apple’s ownership of the iPad trademark. This hearing at the high court is actually an appeal filed by Apple against an earlier verdict which was in favor of Proview. According to Reuters, “A higher court hearing for the appeal is set for February 29 in China‚Äôs southern province of Guangdong.”

It has recently come to light the Proview Technologies is deep in debt and is on the brink on bankruptcy, with barely any functional prospects left for the company.

Image courtesy Yutaka.

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