Upcoming Amazon Tablet Will Be Hundreds Less Then iPad

Amazon has plans to launch several new Android tablets, perhaps in a bid to compete against other Android tablets, but perhaps a bigger fish is in Amazon’s sights with Apple’s very own iPad 2 and Amazon will be launching their upcoming tablet for a much cheaper price compared to Apple’s iPad. Amazon claim that it will sell for hundreds less than the iPad 2………………


Amazon is reportedly prepping a tablet that will sell for hundreds less than the iPad and Amazon is poised to enter the tablet fray with an Android-powered tablet in late September or October. The device will sell for hundreds less than the entry-point $499 iPad, a feat few tablet makers have accomplished and Amazon is considered one of the few credible threats to Apple and has been willing to sell its electronics at a loss in hopes of generating more digital media purchases. “If Amazon is particularly aggressive on pricing, that could be a trigger for many players to rethink the sales price of tablets,” said Charles King, the lead analyst at Pund-IT. Aside from the TouchPad phenomenon, the lower-price tablet market is starting to surface, including entrants such as Vizio, which launched a $299 tablet this month. ITG Investment Research said that tablets running Google’s Android are starting to chip away at Apple’s iPad marketshare, and price will be key to further erosion. Amazon is working on two tablet devices, the entry-level dual-core Coyote and the high-end quad-core Hollywood and Amazon’s tablet offerings will reportedly feature the Android operating system, along with deep integration of several Amazon services such as the Amazon Appstore, the Kindle eBook store, Amazon’s Cloud Drive service and others.



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