Dell Promises 32GB Latitude 10 Tablet For $499

During the CES 2013 event, Dell was quick to show off its work-oriented Windows 8 tablet – Dell Latitude 10. The tablet is fairly good and comes packed with a number of apps that are essential for professionals and students alike. The company is promising that a more affordable version of the tablet will soon be launched.

Dell Latitude 10

Currently, the price of the standard Latitude 10 tablet stands at $650. That is certainly quite high and users are always lured to go for other alternatives, say the recent iPad models, for that price. But Dell has now revealed that it has plans of shipping out cheaper models of the tablet.

The more affordable models, which are yet to hit the shelves, will essentially be trimmed down in terms of features so as to undercut the costs. For instance, Dell will drop active digitizer and removable battery from the package, and the price will come down to $579 for the 64GB model.

The company further states that with the trimmed down features, the 32GB version would become available for as low as $499. The storage space in this model is certainly not bad but users will be keen to know how different this trimmed-down tablet is, from the original Latitude 10. And for the $499 price tag, not many would want a notched-down tablet.

But then again, Windows 8 tablets haven’t exactly been cheap. We may see how the price points turn in the coming days; for now, the 32GB version may actually fare better among other contemporary Windows 8 slates.

Courtesy: Engadget

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