m.Pad Tablet PC Concept

German designer Volker Hübner has developed a new tablet who calls it the M.Pad. The M Pad is a design Tablet PC concept with an 15.6 inch OLED-Display. The designer Volker Hübner integrate nine fixed buttons, such as ALT, CTRL, etc., and two programmable buttons rockers with e-ink display, with up to 24 short-cuts for each software application can be assigned individually.

The scroll wheel completes the gesture control in fast 2D navigation is optional, and a 3D space mouse. Improved ergonomics, the m • pad are inclined 15 degrees. Left-handers simply rotate the board 180 degrees. The integrated ball-bearing hub enables quick and always optimal alignment of the board for character work. With just 430x280x25mm, the m • pad is the perfect solution for mobile working.


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