DRS Armor X10gx

Consumers may be more inclined, at present, to think of the iPad and its competitors when speaking about tablets, but purpose-built tablet PCs have existed since long before Apple’s product even became publicly known, and the latest of them has just came out from underneath DRS’s wing, eager to show the world what the word rugged really means.DRS Armor X10gx gets a handle on military-grade tablet technology, specs it slightly shy…..

Workers of all kinds often find great use for portable electronics, but there are simply some environments that are not exactly friendly to most devices.Industrial applications often have gadgets exposed to extreme temperatures, humidity, dust or susceptible to other forms of physical harm, and DRS seeks to address this.

What DRS Technologies did was develop the aptly-named Armor X10gx, a rugged table PC that is certified for use in rail and port facilities, public safety, transportation and other environments.The magnesium alloy chassis is the main factor behind the durability of the newcomer, and confers upon the 10.1-inch tablet its dust and water resistance.

o meet the demanding conditions encountered by people working in field service; transportation, rail and port facilities; public safety, and other areas of challenging environments, our new rugged tablet meets MIL-STD-810G and is approved by UL for use in explosive and/or hazardous environments. It also carries an ingress protection (IP) rating of 67, meaning it is fully protected against dust and can withstand the effects of immersion in water to depths up to 1 meter.

DRS’ latest ARMOR tablet hasn’t quite gotten with the times; the new X10gx sports the same 10.4-inch resistive display, a similar 1.2GHz processor and lags behind consumer products in RAM (2GB) and storage (64GB) almost as badly as predecessors two years prior. The badass quotient, however, has gone through the roof… as this magnesium-shelled puppy is now MIL-STD-810G, IP67 and UL1604 certified.

The ARMORâ„¢ X10gx is our tenth generation offering. We have drawn upon many years of our experience as well as the experience from our military and commercial personnel that have deployed our rugged mobile computers around the world

To translate that in layman terms, you can (and they did) drop this 4.7 pound Windows 7 tablet from four feet dozens of times, throw it in a meter-deep pool of water and subject it to sub-freezing, sweltering and potentially explosive environments, all while still accepting standard-height 2.5-inch hard drives. Other features for worthy warriors include integrated GPS, 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi.

Optional Gobi broadband and the ability to attach external antennas to each, plus hot-swappable 2400mAh batteries to minimize downtime. Smart card, TPM module and fingerprint scanners come standard, of course, and in a singular gesture to the consumer world, there is one HDMI port. No word on price, but given the construction of these machines, we’re not going to pry  it had just better be competitive with Panasonic’s $3,400 device.

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