Invitations For iPad Mini Launch Event May Be Sent Out On October 10

The iPad Mini may soon hit the market as a recent report from Fortune indicates. The report indicates that the invitations for the launch event will be sent out on Wednesday, October 10. The report mentions an anonymous Apple investor who claims to have heard the news from “multiple sources.” This new development backs earlier rumors of an iPad mini launch event in October.

iPad mini

On October 10, we will finally learn the truth regarding the event invitations. If Apple does indeed send out invites, we could expect the event to be the following week, on October 17.

Albeit the mid-October announcement date, the smaller-sized tablet would not hit the market until early November, notably on Friday, November 2. Currently the exact pricing is left hidden; past reports have indicated a base-price of around $299 though.

If Apple is able to release a smaller-sized tablet, it would definitely fit in the market perfectly. Its Android counterparts, the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire, both boast lower price-points than Apple’s current iPad. Apple dominates in both the larger-tablet market and smartphone market; they shouldn’t have any issues taking over the smaller-tablet market either.

Source: Fortune

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