GeoHot Will Race p0sxninja in iPad 2 JailBreak

The first step to Jailbreak a device is to dump its bootrom. Due to different in nature iPad 2 already reported as tough to crack. p0sxninja challenged GeoHot and guess what he accepted.

Last month p0sxninja noted that it’s a demanding, time consuming, and difficult task very few have the patience, time, and skill to do

“Damn, this is one of the slowest progressing jailbreaks ever. I think I kinda miss geohot a bit :-(“

In order to make things progress quicker and with more excitement, p0sixninja has challenged geohot to race him to see who can finish the iPad 2 bootrom dump first.

iPad 2 JailBreak

“I challenged geohot to dump the iPad2 bootrom before me. Maybe having a worthy opponent will motivate me to work harder =P”

“he accepted, he said he didn’t have an iPad yet but he’s getting one really soon”

This is good news for all those whos waiting for an iPad 2 jailbreak.

Keep an eye on TheTechJournal we will bring more news about this.

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