HTC To Launch Own-Branded Tablet In 2015

Although Taiwanese manufacturer HTC did well with the Nexus 9 tablet release, it seems like they aren’t satisfied with having released it under Google’s name. Lately, Chang Chia-lin, CFO of HTC has confirmed that they are planning to launch their own tablet in 2015.

HTC Tablet

The last tablet we have seen from HTC is Flyer. HTC released this tablet in 2011. And after that, we have seen HTC launching other tablets but under others name. The latest tablet that HTC has released is Nexus 9, but it has been released under Google’s name. So HTC has decided to to launch tablet under its name once again.

It is important to note here that Jack Tong, HTC North Asia’s President, has mentioned that the next tablet will not be a cheap tablet. Tong claims that cheap tablets are not profitable and that small-sized tablets are starting to become less desired thanks to large screen phones becoming more prolific. There is neither any hints of the size of the upcoming HTC tablets or price.

However, if the 2015 HTC tablet surfaces, it’ll be the first HTC-brand tablet to be released since the 2011 HTC Flyer, whose sales figures were presumed so low for which they were never revealed by HTC. But that didn’t stop Google from partnering with HTC to make the Nexus 9.

Source: Focus Taiwan

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