Aakash 2 Android Tablet Arrives In India With A Price Tag Of $21

In the past, we have reported about Aakash 2 Android tablet, which was expected to debut for $35. The good news for Indian students is that it has arrived and if they purchase it, it’ll set them back a mere $21. However, those who don’t quality as Indian students can get one for $80.

Aakash 2 Android tablet

Aakash tablets, in the past, have been instrumental in getting affordable tablets into the hands of students so as to bolster their IT education. The venture has been fairly successful with the original Aakash tablet.

And now, we have a new Aaskash 2 tablet on our hands which holds similar promise. The tablet comes with fairly modest, yet decent, specifications which include 1GHz Cortex A8 processor together with 512 MB of RAM and 4GB of flash storage.

Moreover, it also packs a front-facing VGA camera and can be used to connect up with the internet through Wi-Fi. Finally, the tablet runs Android 4.0.3 right out of the box. Whereas the price point of the tablet definitely makes it a great choice for students, the fact remains that a number of Chinese vendors have made the competition fierce.

Even in the low-priced tablet arena, a number of big-wigs in the Chinese industry have been able to produce tablets which cost very less, making it possible to sell these tablets at very luring rates. However, Aakash 2 Android tablet stands apart in that its primary focus is aiding those seeking education in catching up with technology.

Source: Yahoo

Courtesy: Engadget

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