Ice Cream Sandwich: A Smooth Experience On Asus Transformer Prime

Asus Transformer Prime has already struck a chord with a lot reviewers for being the thinnest and lightest tablet that is currently available. Moreover, the tablet earlier tooled a Honeycomb OS by Google which was pretty cool. Now, however, Asus sent over an Ice Cream Sandwich update for Transformer Prime tablets, something Asus had long promised. And this latest version of Android OS works as fine as anything on the tablet. There are some minor noticeable changes with this change in OS which are detailed below.

While Honeycomb has worked pretty smoothly on Transformer Prime Asus had promised earlier that it would soon send an over-the-air update for the tablets to update them to Ice Cream Sandwich. And now that Asus has done so, it’s time how does that change anything.

With the new OS, when you use the tablet, you can navigate straight to the camera app from the lock screen, if you want so. This is a significantly useful feature since often, you want to take a shot of something but the time you spend unlocking the screen, the shot is gone. Now, you don’t have to fidget with it. You can shoot anything the instant you want to shoot it without any delays.

The new home screen provides you a short cut to the apps. A useful feature of ICS is that you can eliminate all notifications in one go, unlike Honeycomb where each notification had to be eliminated individually.

There are also a few tweaks in the settings, with options categorized into four sections, namely: Device, Personal, System and Wireless and networks. A useful addition to settings is that battery page now displays power consumption statistics in more details which let you know how your battery is performing. Moreover, there are the Developer options which enable you to stop an app as soon as you leave it, thus saving your power usage.

The ICS also comes with a built-in photo-editing tool which is quite handy, with all the normally required tools to edit photos. Moreover, the display performance has been greatly enhanced in that the transition between screens is faster, more vibrant and more clear. Further more, the ICS comes with the option to increase the brightness of the tablet so much so that the brightest brightness on Transformer Prime is the brightest for any tablet in the world.

Overall, the ICS update for Transformer Prime is an excellent one. It’s a step forth and we expect Asus to continue moving in this direction to further enhance the capabilities of this awesome piece of hardware.

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