Image Retention Problems Reported On Retina iPad mini’s Display

Among the recently revealed tablets by Apple was the much-awaited iPad mini with a Retina display. The nifty, high-resolution tablet with a crisp display has been selling like hot cakes. But now, many users have started reporting that the slate’s display suffers from image retention problems.

iPad Mini image retention test

Image retention problems have occurred in some Apple MacBook machines in the past. In the case of the new iPad Mini, the problem seems to be with the IGZO displays which have been furnished by Sharp.

Earlier reports had suggested that similar problems had throttled the supply of Retina iPad Minis in the market and that Apple was busy trying to sort out these issues before rolling the tablet out. Marco Arment, a notable tech writer, has now confirmed these image retention problems.

In a recent post on his site, Arment furnishes an image test which can be used to see if any Retina iPad Mini is suffering from the said problem. The test first displays an image which comprises of black-and-white patterned checkerboard. Then the image slowly dissolves to a solid gray.

If the tablet is suffering from image retention problems, the solid grey image will retain a dim pattern of the checkerboard that was displayed just before it. If you have the same problem with your new iPad Mini, you may be able to have it exchanged by sending it back to Apple. But it may take a while for your replacement to arrive since the volume of Retina iPad mini tablets that are available in the market right now is really low.

Source: Marco

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