Microsoft’s Upcoming Event Will Feature Intel-Powered Surface Tablet

On May 20, Microsoft is bringing together a major event where the company will show off its upcoming Surface tablets. Among these, it is now being reported, will be an Intel-powered Surface tablet with a Haswell chip.

Microsoft Surface

Until recently, there had been rumors of a ‘Surface Mini‘ which Microsoft is planning to launch during the May 20 event. Since Bloomberg first reported about this mini slate, many others have confirmed the rumor. This ‘Surface Mini’ will apparently pack a Qualcomm chip, leading to speculations that Intel’s partnership with Microsoft may be flailing.

However, new reports suggest that Intel will be there during the May 20 event and that the company continues to partner with Microsoft on the Surface line-up. Certain sources have claimed that the Intel-based Surface tablet will pack a power-optimized Haswell chip, not an Atom processor. Not only that, it has been said that the media personnel attending the event will go back with this Intel-based Surface model.

In the case of certain other tablet vendors, we have seen that smaller-sized tablets have really pushed the sales and profits of those companies. Microsoft may be hoping for a better performance in the tablet market with the ‘Surface Mini’ slate. As for the regular-sized Intel-powered version, that will simply be the company’s attempt to stay relevant and offer at least one slate in the mainstream tablet market. It remains to be seen how this strategy pans out, not only for Microsoft but also for Intel.

Courtesy: CNET

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