iPad 2 Gets Glasses-Free 3D Display [Video]

Jeremie Francone and Laurence Nigay of the Grenoble Informatics Laboratory track the user’s head using an iPad’s front facing camera, using the positional data to create the impression of depth without the use of specialized glasses. With the help of head-tracking technology using iPad front camera, the folks have successfully displays 3D objects on the iPad screen.

The technology is in its early stages now, judging from the video below, but it shows that both the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 (as well as many other devices) can deliver 3D experiences without the need for glasses, and without specialized screens like those found in Nintendo’s new 3DS portable console.

This Glasses-free 3D display on iPad doesn’t require any accelerometer or anything else for displaying 3D except for front facing camera.

You can see the demo of 3D graphics on iPad, how iPad shows objects according to the position of the head.

We track the head of the user with the front facing camera in order to create a glasses-free monocular 3D display. Such spatially-aware mobile display enables to improve the possibilities of interaction. It does not use the accelerometers and relies only on the front camera.

Currently it’s just a tech demo, but there’s a possibility of an app on the cards in the near future.

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