iPad 2 Price Decreased By $70 By Meijer

iPad 3 is finally expected to hit the shelves the next month. In anticipation of the new tablet by Apple, the production volume of iPad 2 is already down and now the retailers who are selling the tablet are cutting down on the price of iPad 2 since as soon as iPad 3 hits the shelves, iPad 2 demand will diminish greatly. For those who’ve been wanting an iPad 2, now may be a great moment to get it at a pretty decent price. One of iPad’s retailers in US, Meijer, has now slashed the price of 16 GB iPad 2 with wi-fi by $70.

With this huge drop in price, iPad 2 is now available for $429 with Meijer. The offer is valid until February 25. However, it is valid only as long as the stocks last and once all devices fly off the shelves, you won’t get to buy anything, let alone have it at such an awesome price.

You also get to have a fine deal on iPod Touch purchase. Meijer is offering a $15 iTunes gift card with every purchase of iPod Touch. The offer stands valid for this week.

The significant thing about this discount deal being offered by Meijer is that it is among the greatest discounts offered on iPad 2 by anyone so far. Apple and Best Buy did offer discounts on the tablet during the holiday season and so did a number of other retailers but nearly none of them exceeded besides a dicount of $61. This, now, then is the best discount offer on iPad 2 purchase and anyone wanting an iPad 2 should definitely avail it while it lasts.

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