iPad 3 Design – HD Front Camera And A Thicker Body

The rounds of rumours about the design of upcoming Apple devices are endless. In the latest ‘release’, some scoops have been making headlines around internet. These are about the design of iPad 3 which, a number of analysts agree, is very unlikely to be launched as soon as January, 2012. The new design, as per the rumours, incorporates a front  HD camera in iPad 3 and a thicker body.

The major change to the design of Apple’s tablet will be that the front camera will become HD. iPad 2 also had a front camera but it didn’t record HD video. With the HD front camera, Apple hopes that users who use video chat on their tablet will be able seamlessly show their high-quality video during the chat. This is a feature which will also improve the ease of communication between iMacs and iPads.

The rear camera will be nearly the same camera that is currently used in iPhone 4S. This will mean an upgrade on the quality of the rear camera too, which of course is an incentive. The body of iPad 3, as has been reported earlier by many, has yet again been confirmed to be getting thick. It will be about 1mm thicker than the iPad 2 design so as to accommodate some new body parts.

An interesting expectation is that with the release of iPad 3, the prices of iPad 2 will immediately slump down to $399. iPad 3 will have a display with a better resolution, a body with sleeker design and a camera with higher quality – and so, it’s price will be higher than iPad 2.

While Apple has declined to reveal the launch date of iPad 3 at CES or MacWorld, the world is in a feverish anticipation of this device which will certainly be one of the best on the market.

Image courtesy yto.

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