iPad 3 Dock Connector Leaked On Web

Apple.pro has posted a photo of what it claims is the dock connector and ribbon cable for the next iPad and the purported part is white; whereas, the iPad 2’s is black on all models. It suggests that perhaps the new white connector indicates a modified case design and rumors of a high resolution iPad 3 or iPad 2 HD have persisted for some time with many reports predicting a release later this year……………


The photos claiming to show an iPad 3 part come from Apple.pro, a site that has been a source of accurate hardware leaks in the past. Thursday’s latest leak shows a component with a code number of 821. The component also has different part numbers: 1180 for the iPad 2, increased to 1259 on the new component. That led the author to speculate that the so-called iPad 3 is a different model with a brand-new design. He specifically called out recent rumors that Apple plans to release a new touchscreen tablet this fall that will be a minor update to the iPad 2, dubbed an iPad 2 Plus. Those reports suggested the new device would offer some enhancements over the current model, like a higher-resolution screen and serve to expand the product line rather than replace the iPad 2. The new component includes an outward-facing plug, which is colored white, leading the author to state that the new model will also be offered in black and white colors, like the iPad 2. He also revealed that Apple has launched an internal investigation into hardware leaks made to sites like Apple.pro, making it difficult for his Deep Throat insider in California to leak more information.


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