iPad 3 in March Almost Confirmed, iPad 4 In October is Non-Sense

DigiTimes is certainly one of the most quoted sources in the tech world. And it keeps predicting release dates for different products. It recently predicted, for the umpteenth time, that iPad 3 will be released in March, 2012. It also said that Apple will release another tablet, iPad 4, in the same year in October. However, according to John Gruber, who’s considered one of the most accurate sources on Apple news, said that iPad 3 release date rumor was quite right while the one about iPad 4 release date was non-sense.

John Gruber is from Daring Fireball and is considered one of the most authentic source of Apple rumours online. He wrote a very funny post about DigiTimes’ recent predictions of iPad 3 and iPad 4 release dates. Gruber wrote that while reading the report, when he reading that iPad 3 will be released in March, 2012, he was surprised that DigiTimes was so accurate and hadn’t written any non-sense. But, he further writes, that when he read the entire post and read that iPad 4 will be released in October same year, he was relieved that after all the whole post wasn’t accurate.

However, John did affirm, albeit indirectly, that Apple will be releasing a HD iPad 3 in March, 2012. Some analysts had earlier stated that if Apple released two tablets in the same year, it may disgruntle the users. After all, users want their latest device to stay latest for a while before the next one is released. Nonetheless, the rebuttal by John must be a relief for many and pretty much trashes the claim that iPad 4 will be launched in October, 2012.

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