iPad 3 To Be Launched On Steve Jobs’ Birthday On February 24

According to the rumors from Apple’s supply chain vendors in Taiwan, Apple is planning to launch iPad 3 on February 24. It is the birthday of late Steve Jobs and as a tribute to the great man, Apple intends to launch the next tablet on the very date. The world is anxiously anticipating the launch of iPad 3, iPad 2 itself being the most popular and most sold tablet around the globe.

Given the immense demand for iPad 3 around the globe, it is estimated that immediately after the launch, 4 million units will fly right off the shelves. Especially with Kindle Fire reviewers stating that next year may witness many Kindle Fire users returning their tablets, we can safely assume that the crowd on the iPad stall will definitely swell.

The February 24 deadline, if rumors are true, is certainly a kind of rush for Apple. But Apple may manage a fine product even in a rush. However, for the workers working at China and Taiwan, ensuring the quick production of iPad 3 units, this means extra work, around the clock. Chinese workers have their holidays during Lunar New Year which will fall between now and February 24. But with Apple upping the efforts on producing iPad 3 quicker, workers in Apple’s supply chain vendors in China will get just five days off. The speed of production is also considerably slow, compared to iPad 2, because of a number of new components being used in iPad 3. Specifically, iPad 3 will be shipped with a Retina display, like the ones used in iPod Touch and iPhone.

Whether or not the rumor of Feb 24 launch is correct, we can’t say. But even if that’s not true, nearly all analysts have predicted that iPad 3 will be launched within the first quarter of 2012.

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