iPad 3 Will Be Thinner Than iPad 2, Report Says

Nearly all the reports about the design of iPad 3, so far, have been claiming that iPad 3 will be thicker than iPad 2. The reason that was cited was that Apple will use Retina displays in iPad 3 which requires extra illumination and for that reason, the size of iPad 3 was said to be thicker than iPad 2. However, this latest report by Cult of Mac suggests that iPad 3 will be the same size or thinner than iPad 2. And this will be because Apple will use IGZO Displays in them.

This does make some sense. Apple has been steadily making it’s devices thinner and sleeker. And as per designs, a thinner designs, rather than a thicker design, is the logical choice for the next iPad. Apple followed a similar pattern in it’s iPhone series. In fact, even when it introduced Retina displays in iPhone, it didn’t increase the thickness of the device.

So, while there are a number of reports that have earlier claimed that Apple will be designing iPad 3 so that it will be thicker than iPad 2, this single reports claims quite the contrary. And let’s hope that this single report is true, since a sleeker, thinner iPad will be lot cooler than one which is thicker than iPad 2.

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