Apple May Unveil iPad 5 On October 22, Expected Specs Listed Below

Apple is expected to unveil two new tablets before this year expires – 5th-gen iPad as well as iPad mini 2. There have been many speculations as to when the company may launch them but now, many publications are hinting that October 22 is the final date.

iPad 5

The rumor mill has been churning furiously ahead of the expected iPad 5/iPad mini 2 launch. So far, the leaks and rumors have not only divulged the design details of the upcoming tablets, we have also been told the specifications that we may expect in these slates.

Below is a quick recap of iPad 5 details that we have so far, although most of this information is based on unsubstantiated claims and leaks. So at best, you should take it with a grain of salt.

Fifth-generation iPad:

Also known as iPad 5, the tablet is expected to have a new, improved look. Apple may take some design elements from its iPad mini line-up and include them in the design of iPad 5. For instance, the tapering of the tablet’s corners will be sharper and Apple may trim down its thickness.

Moreover, it is expected that the upcoming iPad 5 will feature the same 64-bit A7 chipset that has also been used in iPhone 5S. As for the display in the new slate, although Apple may not fix it up with a Retina display, the company may still use the more advanced touchscreen technology that has been used in iPad mini line-up. If Apple does that, we can expect a thinner display in iPad 5.

One of the key features of the tablet, it has been claimed by some, will be that it will include an 8 megapixel camera, allowing it to take images of really good quality. Another important highlight of iPad 5 may be the Touch ID sensor, allowing users to protect their tablet’s security through fingerprints. However, so far we are not sure if the technology will take the leap from iPhone 5S to iPad 5.

Although many publications have pegged the launch date of iPad 5 as October 15, we won’t be sure enough until Apple rolls out the invites for the event.

Courtesy: Gotta Be Mobile

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