iPad Air Explodes In An Australian Vodafone Store

Apple takes pride in the fact that it ships out top-quality smartphones and tablets. Nonetheless, even the top-of-the-range stuff may sometime run into trouble. According to reports, an iPad Air recently exploded due to overheating while being charged in an Australian Vodafone store.

iPad Air explosion

iPad Air is the sleek, new Apple slate that has been redesigned by the company and has been selling like hot cakes all over the globe. Many analysts cite that the new tablet has yet again vindicated Apple’s dominion in the tablet market.

The incident of iPad Air’s explosion took place in Canberra. It was apparently being used by a member of the staff in a Vodafone store. Witnesses have cited that the tablet exploded all of a sudden and that just before the explosion, a burst of flames was seen near the charging port of the slate.

Thankfully, no one was in close proximity of the tablet and so, no injuries have been reported. Later, the store had to be evacuated and the local fire department had to intervene to restore the safety of the scene.

Apple has apparently taken notice of the incident, although the company shied away from making any official statement. An Apple representative visited the store and collected the remains of the exploded iPad Air for testing.

It must be noted here that in such cases, it is hard to find the right culprit to blame. Such an incident may have occurred because of a faulty component in the iPad Air in question, or it could have simply been a result of a non-Apple charger being used by the owner of the slate.

Courtesy: Mashable

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