Apple Shows Off iPad’s Creative Uses In Video Series

Typically, we use our tablets for mundane tasks such as games, entertainment, looking up email or reading an article. A kind of trimmed-down, third-rate computing experience. Apple‘s new videos show iPad in a different light, as a tablet which can be used as a key computing device.

iPad music app

In one of these videos, Apple takes us behind the scenes with a classical music composer, Esa-Pekka Salonen. Salonen shows how he uses iPad on a routine basis to compose his music. During the video, Salonen also talks about the Orchestra app that he launched. The app offers its users an interactive tour of the range of music created by the Philharmonia Orchestra in London. Salonen says that the app may help users discover classical music.

The second video profiles Cherie King. King is a travel blogger who is deaf and makes use of iPad while traveling on her own all over the world. As a tablet, King puts iPad to numerous uses, getting the slate to translate other languages and finding her way around during journeys. So far, she has traveled to 23 countries and describes her tablet as a ‘compass’ and a ‘guide’ while traveling.

Cherie King

The videos are certainly unusual marketing from Apple which does not necessarily dwell on the features of a product but rather talks about the kind of uses it can be put to. Given the company’s propensity for being a trend-setter, Apple’s video series may be followed by something similar from the marketing juggernaut at Samsung.

Courtesy: Mashable

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