iPad got clearence certificate from chinese government

iPad moves a small step closer to the Chinese market by receiving a safety certification mark from Chinese regulators.Other certifications will be necessary, but this important first step has been taken.

By receiving the certification, the iPad has cleared a major government hurdle to allow the product to be exported and sold to the Chinese market. But the device will likely need the approval of China’s Telecommunications Equipment and Certification Center, said Liu Liang, an analyst with the consulting group iResearch. “This has been just the first step to get it into the Chinese market,” he said.

Although the iPad has yet to be officially sold on the mainland, the device has inspired Chinese companies to join the trend of developing tablet computers.

Liu Liang with the consulting group iResearch suggests that the iPad would sell well in China, despite competition from other devices. “The iPad is a top tier device,” he said, “and the Apple brand has a great deal of influence among consumers.”

“The Chinese market and the overseas markets are the same,” Li said. “People get excited about these new devices.”

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