iPad Surprise: Phantom Keys To Help You Type Better

Don’t you just love Kinder Surprise? The idea of having a yummy desert and an interesting surprise awaiting for you – in once piece – is attractive to people. That’s how the tech world seems to see it as well. They will give you one thing, but deep inside it, from time to time, you can expect to find something wonderful and refreshing.

With the new iOS 5 for iPad, the possibility came for users to “break” the keyboard into two bottom corners of the screen in order to make typing more easy and fun. What is the surprise, you might ask? Well, it consists in a bunch of hidden, so called “phantom” keys. Basically, they are duplicates of the keys situated across from each other, when the keyboard is split in two. The keys are Y, H, B, T, G, V. And it works thanks to intuition. They prevent accidental mis-touches and allow users to tap on the respective letters without having to use their opposite hands.

This hidden tweaks, highlight Apple already established obsession with details and deep focus for integrated and simple user experience. If you haven’t used the split keyboard feat on your iPad just yet, place your fingers on either side of the keyboard and drag it apart. Voila!


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