Is A Google Tablet On It’s Way To Compete With Kindle Fire?

A number of rumors about a Google Tablet have been doing rounds online. These rumors gained particular traction after  Google’s Chairman, Eric Schmidt said in a statement that Google plans to launch a tablet of the highest quality. More recently, DigiTimes reported that Google is currently in the process of producing a 7-inch class tablet. The important question, will Google be able to cut into a market dominated primarily by the high-end iPad and secondarily by the cheap, affordable Kindle Fire?

DigiTimes’ report further says that the Google tablet is due to be released in March or April, 2012 and will be tooling an Android 4.0. The interesting revelation made by the Taiwanese paper is that the tablet’s price will be $199. This clearly means that for now, Google will be aiming to compete against Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

But the problem is that while Amazon has perhaps the largest online repository of books and other products, Google really will have to work hard on selling it’s $199 tablet. Amazon sold the tablet without making any profit on the hardware and is making money only through the content it sells on Kindle Fire. With Google, however, this seems a tad bit hard. Google will have to develop an entire eco-system to successfully pitch in such a tablet.

As far as iPad is concerned, I think it can be safely opined that iPad is still safe from most competing tablets and will continue to have it’s lion’s share of the tablet market. With the high-end tech-ecosystem it provides, it will still remain at the top of list.

Image courtesy chrisstreeter.

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