Olivetti OliPad

Olivetti has just announced their first tablet in Italy.Olivetti OliPad tablet is coming to market on March 7th for the price of €399 (including VAT) and this tablet  is circulating around the web makes the device look like the ViewSonic G-Tablet……..

Olivetti announces the launch of the OliPad, Italy’s first tablet. The company is making its entrance into a market on which around 1.5 million terminals are forecast to be sold in Italy in 2011.Offering a 10-inch touchscreen display and 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, the OliPad is designed for both Consumer and Business customers. The tablet offers access to a broad range of applications that are either pre-installed or may be downloaded from a dedicated App Shop. The OliPad‘s applications make it easy to websurf, social network, and access multimedia, published content and full HD video playback. The OliPad goes on sale on 7 March at a price of €399 (including VAT).The Olipad launch shows how Olivetti is repositioning itself on the software solutions and IT services markets characterized by the integration of hardware products and advanced services and applications.

OliPad runs the Android operating system and comes equipped with USB/SD Card and HDMI ports to interface with any other device. The OliPad‘s Dual Cortex A9 NVidia processor offers above-average processing speeds and graphics performance. The device can be used with a wide range of accessories, ranging from a docking station to keyboards, a touch mouse and a capacitive pen. OliPad‘s basic set of applications offers access to multimedia content such as music, images, and full HD video content on the move. The device also offers access to a web browser, e-mail management, a calendar and contacts. e-reading software makes it a breeze to read ebooks directly on the 10-inch screen.For the Business market, OliPad offers high levels of customization to cater to specific corporate requirements. The OliPad also offers access to an impressive range of applications via an Application Warehouse, a virtual storehouse of configurable and customizable software applications designed by Olivetti specifically for business and government.

Powered by solution developer software houses, the Application Warehouse is accessible to Olivetti dealers so that they can build integrated solutions for their customers. A number of applications are supplied on a cloud computing basis offering significant benefits in terms of reliability and cost optimization. Application Warehouse solutions include varying levels of customer care to cater to customer requirements, including a direct online helpdesk that leverages Olivetti‘s extensive customer care network.Available applications include: digital catalogues and a guide to point of sale preparation dedicated to fashion industry networks; Sales Force Management applications dedicated to managing sales on the move; a Tool Enterprise Social Network targeted at team working inside and outside companies and a Signature Workflow Management app for the digital signature of corporate documents.

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