Is Google Replacing Nexus 7 16GB With 32GB Model?

So far, we’ve heard a lot about a possible 32GB version of Nexus 7 tablet. But, the authenticity of the rumors were in question. A recent case, hints that Google indeed has a Nexus 7 32GB model that the company has not announced yet. Past Monday, a Japanese customer who ordered a Nexus 7 16GB, got a 32GB version of the tablet PC.

Nexus 7 32GB leak, image

Besides, an unnamed source who works for a hardware re-seller posted an image of a Nexus 7 16GB listing with a message saying the 16 GB model will be replaced with a 32GB model. The purported screen capture, however, doesn’t show any Nexus 7 32GB listing.

Even if the rumor of a 32GB version of Nexus 7 is true, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the 16GB version will be phased out. It could replace the 8GB version of Nexus 7. However, we have no idea, what the prices of the Nexus 7 models would be in the new configurations.

We must also bear in mind that Google hasn’t confirmed the existence of Nexus 7 32GB yet.

Source: Android Community

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